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Sets, Relations, Functions Class 11 Revision IIT-JEE

Sets, Relations, Functions | JEE Main and Advanced | Video Lecture

Thanks for huge response to our free All India Test Series on JEE Main and Advanced. As said in other post I have started Crash Course Series of Video Lectures also. In this series of absolutely free quick revision course (Crash Course) for JEE Main and Advanced, I am sharing the first video course on Sets, Relations and Functions (Video Lecture). This IIT-JEE video course has been uploaded on  Unacademy platform. You are advised to follow me on Unacademy platform to stay updated of all upcoming videos. Also enroll for my courses and recommend others too.

Lecture 1

This covers Important Graph Transformations (Part-1)

Lecture 2

This continues our discussion on Graph Transformations (Part-2)

Lecture 3

This Video covers domain, range and graphs of important functions namely signum function, modulus function, greatest integer function and fractional part function.

Lecture 4

In this IIT-JEE Lesson on Sets, Relations and Functions I have explained the method to find domain of a function.

Lecture 5

This Lesson explains the method to find range of functions of the type linear/linear. (Part-1)

Lecture 6

This lesson further elaborates the method to find range of functions of the type quadratic, square root and root of quadratic.


More videos will be added soon and this post will be updated then.

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