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Rotational Motion | Must Do Problem Sheet

Advanced Level Problem (ALP) Question Bank (100 Questions) on Rotational Motion

Hi Students, Welcome to our Free IIT-JEE Coaching Platform run by IIT Graduates. We thank you for giving such a huge response to our platform . In this post on Free IIT-JEE Physics Notes, I am sharing an Excellent Advanced Level Problem (ALP) Question Bank of 100 questions on Rotational Motion or Rotational Mechanics for JEE Main and Advanced (Download Link at bottom). This is the second assignment on Rotational Motion. We hope you have completed the first one. If not, check out here

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How to master Rotational Motion or Rotational Mechanics for JEE Main and Advanced

Rotational Motion (Rotational Mechanics) is considered to be one of the toughest topic in Class 11 JEE Physics.

  1. You need to have good knowledge of following chapters namely
    a) Work, Power and Energy (Notes and Assignments Available)
    b) Center of Mass 
    c) Momentum Conservation
  2. Start from the basics of Moment of Inertia. Grasp the basics of deriving the MOI of all bodies by integration techniques. Don’t just remember the result. Learn how to derive.  It helps a lot for JEE.
  3. Next is basics of Torque. You need to know how to find the direction of torque by the Right Hand Thumb Rule.
  4. Once you get hold to above concepts, Angular Momentum should be taken up. This is a really important topic.
  5. Then go for  Combined Translational and Rotational Motion. Pure Rolling forms the most important part in this.
  6. Follow HC Verma. I will be uploading solutions of HC Verma soon.
  7. At last practice previous JEE questions. I will post those soon and update the links here.

Do give your feedback on how you find this question bank. Also comment any specific topics for which you want the study materials in PCM urgently. I am posting daily so stay tuned and don’t miss out on posts.

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