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Relations and Functions For Class 12 | IIT-JEE Main and Advanced – DPP

Relations and Functions is the first and fundamental chapter in Class 12 Boards Preparation as well as for IIT-JEE Main and Advanced Aspirants. After studying all the concepts of the chapter it is important to practice quality questions as per latest exam pattern.

This assignment on Relations and Functions (DPP) aims to provide a complete and comprehensive preparation for following exams:

  • Board exams like CBSE and all State Boards.
  • Strong Foundation for JEE Main
  • Strong Foundation for JEE Advanced

This assignment also serves as a test on Relations and Functions. You can browse through similar assignments (DPPs Objective and Subjective) on other chapters on this website itself.

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ENJOY THE ASSIGNMENT !! Please wait for a minute for Assignment to load completely.

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