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Mind Map Trigonometry IIT-JEE Main and Advanced | Class 11

Mind Maps are great tools to remember the formulas in an easy manner. They help us retain the formulas for longer duration. It is advisable to make mind maps in your own handwriting but to help you out I am posting Mind Map on Trigonometry Phase I. I hope this will be beneficial to all the students preparing for JEE Main and Advanced. Don’t forget to Check Free Video Lectures, Test Series, Notes etc.

Mind Map Trigonometry for IIT JEE Main and Advanced

2 thoughts on “Mind Map Trigonometry IIT-JEE Main and Advanced | Class 11”

  1. Sir great work 👍 working very hard for students . Same material For paid and free students . You are great sir

  2. You are doing a great work…I am requesting you to plz make your app. Your notes, mind mapes are very helpful for me… Thank you so much.


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