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Logarithms for IIT-JEE with Video Lectures | JEE Main and Advanced

This Posts enlists all the resources to cover Logarithms portion of IIT-JEE (JEE Main and Advanced) Preparation.

Logarithms for IIT-JEE
Logarithms for IIT-JEE


Download the logarithm assignment in pdf form here.

Download the logarithm assignment in pdf form here.

Watch the following Video Lectures in case of difficulty in solving problems. These lectures starts from basics and cover upto JEE Advanced level.


Lecture – 1 : Basics of Logarithms

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Lecture – 2 : Graph of Log Function and Basic Properties

Lecture – 3 : Sign of Log A to Base B

Lecture – 4 : Advanced Problems in Logarithms

Lecture – 5 : Base Changing Theorem

Lecture – 6 : Examples on Base Changing Theorem

Lecture – 7 : Advanced Examples on Logarithms

Lecture – 8 : Advanced Examples Set-2

Lecture – 9 : Logarithmic Equations

More Lectures will be added soon. Stay Tuned. 

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