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Limits for IIT-JEE (Video Lecture) | JEE Main and Advanced

In this series of Free IIT-JEE Video Lectures  I am sharing the next series on Limits Portion of JEE Main and Advanced. I hope you are attempting FREE All India Test Series on JEE Main and Advanced, This Limits IIT-JEE Video Lecture is going to benefit both Class 11 and Class 12 students to clear most important concepts. New Lectures will be added regularly. You can comment any particular topics on which you require a video.

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Lecture 1 (Limits – Introduction)

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Lecture 2 (Concept of Limits)

Lecture 3 (Left Hand Limit and Right Hand Limit)

Lecture 4 (Understanding Concept of Limits Graphically)

Lecture 5 (Examples Set-1)

Lecture 6 (Indeterminate Forms)

Lecture 7 (Methods to Evaluate Limits)

Lecture 8 (Examples Set-2 based on Factorisation)

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