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Integration IIT-JEE Video Lecture with DPPs

Indefinite Integration Study Material

(Indefinite Integration IIT-JEE Video Lecture and Practice Sheets)

Indefinite Integration for IIT-JEE

This Post enlists all the free video lectures on Indefinite Integration for JEE Main and Advanced (IIT-JEE) made by Vineet Loomba Sir (B.Tech IIT Roorkee) with teaching experience of more than 8 years. He has tried to explains the concepts of Indefinite Integration in great detail and in a simplified manner.

Question Bank on Indefinite Integration (DPP – Daily Practice Problems)

Here is the list of video lectures on Indefinite Integration. Go through them and boost your score in JEE Main and Advanced by 100%

Lecture – 1 : Integration as Reverse Process of Differentiation

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Lecture – 2 : Important Formulas to Remember

Lecture – 3 : Solved Examples Integration (Set-1)

Lecture – 4 : Chain Rule in Integration (Linear Functions)

Indefinite Integration for IIT-JEE

More Videos on Indefinite Integration can be accessed here (Unacademy Platform)

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    One thing i didnt understand that what is chain rule

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  3. Sir is Indefinite integrals completely covered in these 4 videos. Please reply thanks

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