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IIT-JEE Preparation Strategy

How to Prepare for IIT-JEE (JEE Main and Advanced)

General Preparation Strategy for JEE Main and Advanced.

Mere Pyare Vidyarthio,

IIT JEE koi bht tough exam nhi hai, it is a medium level difficulty exam. Na toh iska syllabus bht jada wide hai aur na he is exam ki preparation aisi hai ki apka dimag ghum jaye. Agar hum kuch cheezon ka dhyan rakhe toh mujhe vishwas hai ki JEE ki preparation ko aap enjoy karenge and aapka jo aim hai use aap achieve kar payenge.

Consistency or Regularity 

Students are extremely passionate about their preparations, they formulate strategies and design long time tables, decide to put in 6-8 hours of studies every day. They pledge to avoid all the distractions, give up mobile phone, cancel all the parties etc. etc.. Loads of righteous constraints, but sadly this is adhered to only for a short duration. Jo student top karta hai wo hamesha apne plans mein consistent rehta hai. Is ko agar hum ek line mein samjhein toh kehne ka matlab hai ki “ Ek Baar jo maine commitment krdi fer main apne aap ki bhi nhi sunta”. Aisa attitude leke time table bnayein, toh safalta aapke kadamon mein hogi.


Concentration bahut jaruri hai effective learning ke liye. This is a factor that a lot of students would agree they suffer in. Main samjh skta hun that in today’s world of numerous distractions it is hard to pay attention. Lekin hum koshish toh kr he skte hain. Come on students !! it’s not that difficult after all. The simplest way to improve your concentration is:
Meditation, Having fixed hours of sleep (Usually 6-7 hours), Eat well, Read aloud, Have a quiet and undisturbed environment around.

Focus on Conceptual Learning:

There’s something called as superficial learning. Which means “upar upar se padhna”, “ek baar dekh lia hai”, “thoda bohot ata hai, pura nai kia”, “yar ye jada important nhi lag rha isko chod deta hun”. Conceptual learning is the exact opposite of this. It means you learn in depth,and never forget it. Remember how you can now multiply or divide complex numbers? You’re able to do it because you have mastered the concept of multiplication and division. That is exactly the same thing for you to aim here as well.


Ab bache kya bolte hain, “Sir I have studied this topic but that was too long ago and I cant remember now”. The simplest answer is revision and that too SPACED Revision. Spaced revision is basically that you increase the time between which you revise a particular topic. For example you completed the Rotational Motion today. So ideally you should revise it again the next week, then two weeks later, then a month later, then 2 months later, then 3 months later and so on and so forth. Your mind will recognize this pattern, and before or during exams, you wont have to bang your head in going through that entire thing again.

So these are the four cornerstones around which your preparation should revolve. Slightest lack of effort in any of these four factors will have a significant negative effect on your preparations.

All the Best.

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