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Gravitation-1 | Best Free IIT-JEE Preparation

In this post, I am sharing an Assignment on Gravitation Chapter of JEE Physics Class 11 portion (as per requests received from students). Download Link is at the bottom.

Gravitation for JEE Main and Advanced.

Gravitation is considered to be one of the easiest topics in IIT-JEE Physics portion.

Newton at the age of twenty-three is said to have seen an apple falling down from tree in his orchid. This was the year 1665. He started thinking about the role of earth’s attraction in the motion of moon and other heavenly bodies.

By comparing the acceleration due to gravity due to earth with the acceleration required to keep the moon in its orbit around the earth, he was able to arrive the Basic Law of Gravitation.

The important areas to touch upon in this chapter are:

  1. Newton’s Law of Gravitation
  2. Gravitational Field and Intensity
  3. Gravitational Potential Energy
  4. Satellites and Planetary Motion

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