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Work Energy Power | IIT Level Problems


Work Energy Power-1 In this post, I am sharing an Assignment on Work Energy Power portion of JEE Physics Class 11 portion (as per requests received from students). Download Link is at the bottom. The assignment covers topics namely Kinetic and Potential Energy; Work and Power; Conservation of Linear Momentum and Mechanical Energy. It contains questions … Read more

Rotational Motion | Must Do Problem Sheet


Advanced Level Problem (ALP) Question Bank (100 Questions) on Rotational Motion Hi Students, Welcome to our Free IIT-JEE Coaching Platform run by IIT Graduates. We thank you for giving such a huge response to our platform . In this post on Free IIT-JEE Physics Notes, I am sharing an Excellent Advanced Level Problem (ALP) Question Bank of 100 questions on Rotational Motion … Read more

Units and Dimensions-1 | Best Free IIT-JEE Preparation


Hi Students and Parents, Welcome again to this series for Free IIT-JEE  preparation (JEE Main and Advanced). Today I am sharing next assignment (as per requests received from students) on Unit and Dimensions for JEE Main and Advanced (Download Link at bottom). This topic is generally ignored at coaching institutes. But as you know this is … Read more