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Free Video Lectures for Class 12 Maths


Here you will get all the video lectures chapter-wise and topic-wise for class 12 board exams (CBSE and All State Boards). All Chapters are Free of Cost on Youtube Channel and Unacademy Profile. Acces Directly from below links. Subscribe and follow for latest updates. Download youtube app and Unacademy app free if you are using … Read more

Limits for IIT-JEE (Video Lecture) | JEE Main and Advanced


In this series of Free IIT-JEE Video Lectures  I am sharing the next series on Limits Portion of JEE Main and Advanced. I hope you are attempting FREE All India Test Series on JEE Main and Advanced, This Limits IIT-JEE Video Lecture is going to benefit both Class 11 and Class 12 students to clear most important … Read more

100 Advanced Level Problems | Limit, Continuity, Differentiability, Functions


Functions, Limit, Continuity and Differentiability Hello Students, In this post, I am sharing an excellent Advanced Level Problem Assignment of 100 Questions covering Functions, Limit, Continuity and Differentiabilty portion of JEE Maths Class 12 portion (as per requests received from students). Download Link is at the bottom. Check out Free All India Test Series for JEE Main and … Read more

Continuity and Differentiability-1 | Free IIT Preparation


Hi Students and Parents, In this series for Free IIT-JEE  preparation (JEE Main and Advanced), I am sharing next assignment on Continuity and Differentiability for JEE Main and Advanced (Download Link at bottom). This sheet can be attempted by anyone who is preparing for JEE Main and Advanced. Do give your feedback. Also comment any specific topics for … Read more