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Permutations Combinations | Video Lecture

Enjoy these video lectures on Permutations and Combinations chapter IIT-JEE Maths by Vineet Loomba Sir himself. These two lecture covers the basics of permuatations and combinations. More lectures in this chapter will be updated in this post later.   LECTURE 1 LECTURE 2 We are sure you will find this lecture helpful. Do give your feedback and … Read morePermutations Combinations | Video Lecture

Permutations and Combinations-1 | Free IIT Preparation

Hi Students and Parents, I hope you have practiced the previous assignments. In this series for Free IIT-JEE  preparation (JEE Main and Advanced), I am sharing next assignment on Permutations and Combinations for JEE Main and Advanced (Download Link at bottom).  Permutations and Combinations is an interesting topic in JEE preparation. Practicing good problems is … Read morePermutations and Combinations-1 | Free IIT Preparation

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