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Permutations Combinations | Video Lecture | DPP

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Enjoy these video lectures on Permutations and Combinations chapter with DPPs for IIT-JEE Maths by Vineet Loomba Sir himself. These lecture covers the basics and advanced concepts of permuatations and combinations. More lectures in this chapter will be updated in this post later. LECTURE 1 LECTURE 2 Check Complete Playlist on Permutations Combinations on Youtube Permutations … Read more

Permutations and Combinations-1 | Free IIT Preparation

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Hi Students and Parents, I hope you have practiced the previous assignments. In this series for Free IIT-JEE  preparation (JEE Main and Advanced), I am sharing next assignment on Permutations and Combinations for JEE Main and Advanced (Download Link at bottom).  Permutations and Combinations is an interesting topic in JEE preparation. Practicing good problems is … Read more