Vineet Loomba

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Ellipse | IIT-JEE Video Lecture | JEE Main and Advanced


Welcome to this series of Free IIT-JEE Video Lectures under¬†IIT-JEE Revision Course Series (Check here for other Video Lectures). I am sharing the next series on Ellipse (Conic Section)¬†Portion of JEE Main and Advanced. I hope you are attempting¬†FREE All India Test Series on JEE Main and Advanced,¬†This Ellipse IIT-JEE Video Lecture is going to … Read more

Parabola | Video Lecture | JEE Main and Advanced (IIT-JEE)


Along with¬†FREE All India Test Series on JEE Main and Advanced,¬†We¬†have started IIT-JEE Crash Course Series of Video Lectures (Check here for other Video Lectures) also.¬†In this series of absolutely free quick revision Video course (Crash Course) for JEE Main and Advanced, I am sharing¬†Parabola¬†Video Lecture (Portion of Conic Section). This IIT-JEE video course has … Read more

Hyperbola IIT-JEE | Video Lecture


Enjoy these video lectures on Hyperbola¬†IIT-JEE Maths by Vineet Loomba Sir himself. These lectures covers all the important concepts of Hyperbola. More lectures in this chapter will be updated in this post later. LECTURE 1 LECTURE 2 LECTURE 3 We are sure you will find this lecture helpful. Do give your feedback and Share this … Read more

Conic Section | 100 Best JEE Advanced Level Problems


Really motivated by your response, I am sharing another¬†Excellent Advanced Level Problem (ALP) Question Bank of 100 questions¬†(as per requests received from students) on Conic Section¬†for JEE Main and Advanced (Download Link at bottom). You should cover the required theory before attempting this Question Bank as you may find it bit difficult to solve. How … Read more