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Conditional Identities | Video Lecture | By Vineet Sir

Conditional Identities for IIT-JEE Maths by Vineet Loomba Sir

Enjoy this video lecture on Conditional Identities portion of  Trigonometry for IIT-JEE Maths by Vineet Loomba Sir himself. This lecture covers sine series, cosine series and eight most important conditional identities for JEE Main and Advanced. Trigonometry is an important part of JEE Main and Advanced Mathematics.

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9 thoughts on “Conditional Identities | Video Lecture | By Vineet Sir”

  1. Thank you sir i got this site from the monk with jee scar .one more thing your site doesn’t comes when we search on google . Sir please consider this problem so that other students may also get a chance . Try adding some relevant meta tags . ?

    • Thanks for suggestion … I know this problem..that why I am relying on you people to share on social media as much as you can.

  2. Sir,could you plz post a material on Functional equation as well as Greatest Integer Function. I mean Sir,a little theory and advanced level problems would suffice..


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