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Complex Numbers | IIT-JEE Video Lecture | JEE Main and Advanced

Welcome to this series of Free IIT-JEE Video Lectures under IIT-JEE Crash Course Series (Check here for other Video Lectures).

I am sharing the next series on Complex Numbers Portion of JEE Main and Advanced. I hope you are attempting FREE All India Test Series on JEE Main and Advanced, This Complex Numbers IIT-JEE Video Lecture is going to benefit both Class 11 and Class 12 students to quickly revise most important concepts. New Lectures will be added on daily basis. You can comment any particular topics on which you require a video.

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Lecture 1 (Complex Numbers IIT-JEE Video Lecture)

This video lectures covers the concept of Modulus and Argument for JEE Main and Advanced. Some previous year questions have also been covered.

Lecture 2 (Complex Numbers IIT-JEE Video Lecture)

In this IIT-JEE video lesson, I have tried to explain the concepts of De-Moivre’s Theorem and Cube Roots of Unity from JEE Main and Advanced point of view.

Lecture 3 (Complex Numbers IIT-JEE Video Lecture)

In this IIT-JEE video lesson, I have explained the concept of Geometry of  Complex Numbers  with the help of solved examples.

More videos in this course will be added soon and this post will be updated then.

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  1. Math Question on *Complex numbers*

    If z= cos (4π/7) + i sin (4π/7) , then Re(z+z²+z³) = ?

    a) cos π/3

    b) cos 2π/3

    c) cos π/6

    d) cos 5π/6

    Come on….

  2. Sir,
    How do I join the test series?
    What is the syllabus for the test series?


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