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Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure (Video Lecture)

Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

Hi Students,

In this post I am sharing video lectures from Youtube on Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure topic of IIT-JEE Chemistry. I am sure you will find this helpful. Do give your feedback and Share this free learning platform with your friends.

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16 thoughts on “Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure (Video Lecture)”

  1. please kept full reparation of coordinate covalent bond and also i have a doudt in covalent bond CH3-C-CH3 IN THAT TYPE OF STUCTURES HOE FIND SP3,SP,SP2 (PLEASE REPLAY ME FAST MAM)

  2. Sir please help me out with lectures on complex number and multinomial theorem

  3. Sir, can I get the notes and assingments on thermodynamics and equilibrium.

  4. Can I get video lectures of comic sections and Work energy power.


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